Bunheads by Sophie Flack


This review contain SPOILERS.

I am actually very conflicted about this book. I loved it until up to the second last chapter and then the last chapters ruined basically everything for me.

Hannah knew what she wanted to be from a young age and after years of hard work, Hannah is a dancer at the prestigious Manhattan Ballet Company. Everything seems to be going well for her, and after an accident it seems that her lifelong dream is moments away from being within her reach…

And then surprise, surprise there is a guy ready to ruin everything.

Jacobs steps in, at first he seems very understanding and supportive of Hannah’s career, but as these things goes, this doesn’t last very long. Jacobs wants more and more attention and doesn’t seem to understand or will not understand the fact that “to be the best you have to become the best” and that only happens through a lot of hard work and making sacrifices.

Hannah suddenly realizes that Ballet is suddenly not enough, after years and years of working to become a soloist… I call Bullsh!t

But everything would have been fine, and actually great, if it wasn’t for the ending…

I got so frustrated with the ending that I wanted to through my Kindle through the window and just leave it there for my Husky as a chew toy…

Hannah gives up everything that she has been working for years for a guy.

Nope not a guy that was supportive of her no matter what, not a guy that she has known for years, not even a guy that was willing to make some serious sacrifices for her… Nope she gives it up for a guy exactly the opposite of this.

And here I thought we were in the 21st century.

But still up to the last few chapters I loved this book.

The writing was great, I liked the writer’s writing style and I absolutely loved how the writer described everything in such a manner that it feels as if you can feel the spotlight on your face and smell the sweat of the dancers.

I enjoyed the book and if it wasn’t for the ending of the book I would have loved the book…

RATING: 3,5/5


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