My first post… Eeek!!!


I love books!!!!!

Love might not be quite the right word I am looking for…

Obsessed! Fanatical! Infatuated! Addicted! Besotted! Smitten! Enamored!

Okay, okay, you get the crazy.

Well being in love with books (putting it lightly), I am reading all the time. So when I got sick and had to stay home from work per doctors’ orders and I read all the books that I have been waiting to read for the past two months, it seemed that there was nothing left for me to read on my reading wish list, and then it came to me in a feverish dream (not really I dream as me just lying around, bored with myself)…

Why not blog about the books I am reading (which is currently none), have read and are going to read!!!

I am always sneaking around on others blogs, looking for the prefect book.

So hopefully you will while looking for the perfect book find it on my blog…




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